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Foxboro flower farm is as crazy about flowers, as we are about growing gorgeous blooms in a sustainable way. Every decision made on our farm, stems from a place of wanting to leave the earth better than we found it. Whether that is through the use of cover crops, no-till techniques, native plant species, biodiversity and much more. We work with nature, and by doing so, we grow more blooms with less resources needed. Tucked into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, our farms micro climate allows us to grow heat loving flowers like Dahlias, Zinnias and Celosia, as well as blooms that need a bit more cool weather like peonies and tulips. We believe that local flowers are the best flowers. Grown by a farmer in your community, locally grown flowers not only cuts out the middle man but also the extra resources it takes to get flowers imported to the United States. We love growing cut flowers for our community, especially because our flowers are grown without pesticides so you and your loved ones can safely, smell the roses.

About the farmer
Larissa Kogut’s creativity and eye for design has followed her through out her whole life. Born in Buffalo New York, at a young age she took to dancing ballet. Eventually, she became a professional ballet dancer, where she performed in Sacramento and San Francisco for 6 years. Larissas passion slowly turned to growing plants when she moved to a farm in Paso Robles in 2013. She has grown a variety of plants and she especially loves growing cut flowers for their colors, textures and variety of forms. Larissa constantly is learning ways to become a better land steward. Since moving to Grass Valley, Larissas farm dreams blossomed into reality when she started Foxboro Flower Farm. Gathering homegrown flowers into beautiful hand tied bouquets, to bring beauty into the homes of her neighbors truly makes her dreams a reality.

Flowers make everything better.

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